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Facing a hazardous tree that demands immediate removal? Look no further than Arbortec Tree Service. Our commitment to prompt and secure solutions is unwavering. In dire times, reach out to us for 24/7 emergency tree removals.

We're at your service across Dubbo and the expansive Orana region, encompassing locales such as Coonamble, Lightning Ridge, Bourke, Gilgandra, and Cobar. The size or location of the tree presents no obstacle; our arborists are equipped with the indispensable tools, advanced equipment, and a wealth of experience to facilitate its safe extraction from your residential or commercial premises.

Furthermore, for those who aim to bolster their trees against the unpredictability of storms, we offer meticulous tree pruning and maintenance services. These measures guarantee that the trees and surrounding greenery on your property are expertly trimmed and well-prepared for the next encounter with inclement weather.

When urgency arises, count on Arbortec Tree Service for a dependable and secure response. Contact us to ensure your environment's well-being. Your safety and peace of mind are our priorities.

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An aerial view of an Arborist cutting down a tree.

Recognising Emergency Tree Removal Situations

Navigating the complexities of identifying a tree-related emergency can be perplexing for many clients. To provide clarity, we've compiled a comprehensive list of indicators that signal the need for urgent tree removal:

  1. Storm-Induced Damage or Fall: Trees compromised by recent storms, either seriously damaged or fallen, require immediate attention.
  2. Disease or Deterioration: Trees that exhibit signs of disease or are visibly in decline necessitate prompt removal.
  3. Structural Threat: Trees with branches or roots endangering property structures must be dealt with urgently.
  4. Utility Network Hazard: Trees with branches or roots posing a risk to utility networks warrant immediate action.
  5. Broken Branches: The presence of broken branches, especially those hanging precariously, necessitates urgent removal.
  6. Leaning Tree: A tree leaning conspicuously to one side is a clear indication of a potential hazard.
  7. Significant Trunk or Limb Damage: Trees displaying substantial holes in the main trunk or major limbs require swift evaluation.

If uncertainty lingers regarding whether a tree on your property fits any of these criteria, rest assured – our adept arborists are poised to assess the situation and offer expert guidance. They'll discern whether removal is the right course of action or if preservation and maintenance are more suitable.

For a prompt evaluation and resolution visit our contact page and connect with us. Your safety and property protection remains our foremost concern.

Our Locations

Based in Dubbo, our certified arborists extend their services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients across the Orana region and Central West NSW. This encompasses areas such as:

Coonamble, Lightning Ridge, Bourke, Gilgandra, Mudgee, Narromine, Walget, Gilgandra & Cobar

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