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Enhancing Fire Safety with Our Firebreak Services

Arbortec Tree Service proudly offers an essential firebreak service tailored for residential, commercial, and industrial properties across Dubbo and the expansive Orana region. Our seasoned team specialises in the creation of effective firebreaks, meticulously considering a range of critical factors:

  1. Optimal Width: We determine the appropriate width for the firebreak based on safety requirements and regulatory guidelines.
  2. Weather Conditions: Our strategy accounts for prevailing weather conditions, ensuring the firebreak's effectiveness in various scenarios.
  3. Potential Flame Length: We assess potential flame lengths to create a firebreak that acts as an effective barrier against fire spread.
  4. Adjacent Trees & Shrubs: Our approach takes into consideration nearby vegetation, ensuring it doesn't contribute to the spread of fire.
  5. Ground Conditions: We analyze ground conditions to devise a firebreak that effectively hinders fire propagation.
  6. Firefighting Access: We ensure that the firebreak's design enables unimpeded access for firefighting response.

Our process entails creating a cleared strip of land devoid of trees, shrubs, grass, and other combustible materials. This meticulous approach guarantees a fuel-free zone that significantly curtails the potential for fire spread.

To fortify your property's fire safety measures, connect with us today to schedule a complimentary quote. Our commitment to safeguarding your environment against fire hazards is unwavering.

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About Us: Arbortec Tree Service specializes in tree cutting using chainsaws.

Securing Your Land: The Importance of Firebreaks

As the effects of climate change intensify, the anticipation of hotter summer temperatures looms, along with an increasing incidence of bushfires across Australia. The escalating threat posed to lives, property, and wildlife underscores the need for vigilant preventive measures on your land.

At Arbortec Tree Service, we acknowledge the profound potential for the devastation that fires hold, which is why we approach our firebreak services with the utmost gravity. With a deep awareness of the surroundings and the precise location of your property, our proficient team engages in a meticulous process to promptly and effectively establish a protective perimeter. This proactive approach ensures that you, your land, and your structures remain shielded from impending dangers.

Recognising the diverse nature of properties and the vegetation that envelops them, we're committed to safeguarding all. Our dedication extends unwaveringly, even in the face of overgrown or challenging surroundings. When you enlist our services, an immediate and thorough land assessment initiates, paving the way for crafting an optimal protection strategy. Rest assured, our goal is to deliver the highest level of defense attainable.

Amid the ever-increasing fire risk, your land's security is paramount. Contact us today, and let's embark on the journey of fortifying your environment against potential fire threats.

A firebreak is put in place to prevent damage to your property or land in the event of a fire. It can be a gap in vegetation to help avoid further fueling and spread of the fire, fire-resistant vegetation that will help to delay the flames, or non-flammable materials that will stop the fire in its tracks.

A firebreak could be made up of one of these solutions or a combination of them depending on your location and the conditions surrounding what you are trying to protect.

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Based in Dubbo, our certified arborists extend their services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients across the Orana region and Central West NSW. This encompasses areas such as:

Coonamble, Lightning Ridge, Bourke, Gilgandra, Mudgee, Narromine, Walget, Gilgandra & Cobar

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